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Who hasn’t dreamed of opening their own business? Working for yourself, calling the shots, keeping the money you make are goals that many people strive for. And if you are the type of person who enjoys cooking for others, planning elaborate dinner parties, and basks in the glory of enthusiastic reviews of your cooking and presentation skills, you may dream of opening your own catering business.Professional caterers plan menus for all types of parties: weddings, banquets, corporate picnics, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. Basically anyone planning a party who doesn’t want to cook for their guests are in the market for a caterer.When people hear “catering” they mostly think of fancy parties, but there are plenty of “non-traditional” caterers out there. Smokehouses, barbeque restaurants and sandwich shops have all gotten in on the catering business.In addition to planning menus, people who own a catering business are also responsible for the cooking, presentation, service, beverage service and clean up of the event.Owning a catering business means more than just knowing how to serve a party of 200. Careful planning of the business includes securing financing, licenses, insurance and permits. It means knowing how to run a business day to day.Not only will you need to stay on top of trends in food and service, but you’ll need to be on top of trends in business software and banking practices. You’ll need to know how to save money, spend money wisely, and reinvest in the business. All of this can be learned through mentors, local small business groups and consulting firms.Sales is an integral part of running a catering business. The art and act of securing and satisfying clients is sales, plain and simple. People aren’t going to just fall out of the sky and ask you to cater their parties, no matter how good your Asian Dumplings are. If they’ve never heard of your catering business, they won’t know to call you.Sales involves advertising and actively soliciting clients face to face. You’ll want to work with wedding and event planners, to get your name on their list of vendors. You’ll also want to attend fairs and business expos.Do as much advertising as you can in local media to get your name out there and get buzz going. But securing the clients comes down to your own personal interaction with them. Did you listen to their needs? Did you provide solutions to their problems? What did you give them that your competitors didn’t? This is all part of selling.If you’ve decided that catering is the right business for you, there are a lot of details you’ll need to consider.But careful planning and excellent customer service can get your catering business moving quickly, right out of the gate.

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From ancient times to the modern, India has been a treasure-trove of knowledge for travelers from all over the world. Taxila, Nalanda and Vikramsila universities were renowned centers of learning that attracted students from China, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Higher education is something that has always occupied a centre stage in Indian culture since time immemorial.The present higher education system in India goes back to 1823 when Mountstuart Elphinstone came up with minutes on education that emphasized the need to set up schools that would teach English and European Sciences to Indian students. The phenomenal thrust, however, came after the much talked about Macaulay’s minutes (1835) and Sir Charles Wood’s Dispatch (also known as the “Magna Carta of English Education in India”) in the year 1854 recommended a proper hierarchy in the educational system, right from primary classes to higher education in the universities. Consequently, the universities of Bombay (now Mumbai), Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Madras (now Chennai) were set up in 1857.In the year 1925, the Inter-University Board (Association of Indian universities) came into being with an aim to further educational, cultural and extra-curricular activities in the various universities across the country. However, the first attempt at establishing a nation-wide uniform system of higher education in India came with the Sargeant Report of 1944. The report recommended the formation of a University Grants Committee that would supervise the functions of three central universities – the Universities of Delhi, Banaras and Aligarh. Subsequently, in the year 1947, the committee was assigned the responsibility to look after all the Indian universities existing at that time.The University Education Commission (which was established in 1948) recommended the formation of a University Grants Commission to be formulated on the lines of a similar body existing in the UK higher education system. Consequently, the commission was officially inaugurated on December 28, 1953 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the then Minister of Education, Natural Resources and Scientific Research.Over the years, the UGC established itself as a statutory body of the Indian government that takes care of the coordination and maintenance of norms of higher education in the country.

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This may seem a strange time to ask, but in the spirit of not wanting to waste a good recession, have you considered how and when you will leave your business?What are years of sweat and hard work worth to you? Are you hoping to retire with the equity you build up in your business? Are you planning to sell your business and live on the millions you receive for the privilege? Do you plan to pass your business to your children and receive a monthly allotment to complement your retirement? All of these are wonderful ideas and can net you a healthy retirement fund if you plan for it. Without a plan you could end up sweaty and broke.The best time to plan for leaving your business is during the business planning stage. Like your business plan, review and update your exit strategy as your business changes and grows and as your retirement plans change. The next to best time to consider an exit strategy might be during a time of great challenge, like now.Planning how you will leave your business makes you take a hard look at why you are in business, more than just to make money and feed the family. It is easy to say you are in business to get rich, make a million dollars so you can retire in luxury. It is a whole other ball game turning your lip service into reality. An exit strategy can help you decide how you will set up, run and grow your business. If you are just now thinking about an exit strategy, look at your business under a microscope and change direction if necessary, depending on your goal.If you want your company bought out by a larger company you will position your company as the number one seller of a particular brand or build your customer base in a particular market. If your plan is to pass your business to your children you may take a different growth path. Bottom line is with an exit strategy in place you have more flexibility in your decision-making. You can act with clarity on unexpected opportunities for selling that may arise. You can handle divorce, failure of a partnership, illness or death of a partner or significant contributor to your business or even your loss of passion for the business.First become familiar with the choices, the pros and cons and the tax implications of each. Here is a glimpse of the seven choices you may consider.The Lifestyle Plan If you take money out of the business regularly your choice is the lifestyle plan. You plan to keep your business small. You reinvest only what is necessary to maintain the business, preferring to have a good income and live comfortably while you are in business. You could be left with very little when you decide to get out of the business.The Liquidation Plan Liquidation often happens when an owner does not have an exit strategy. Unexpected happenings such as death or illness may make it necessary to close the doors of the business. Or the product or service sold by the company is no longer needed and the business owner neglected to convert to something else in a timely fashion. With the liquidation plan you sell all your assets such as a building, land, or equipment. You use the proceeds to pay creditors and shareholders. The leftovers are yours.The Employee Sale Plan You can sell your business to the employees by establishing an employee buyout plan. The employees get an established business they are already knowledgeable about and you get enthusiastic buyers that want to continue to grow your business. You most likely would finance the sale and let the buyers pay it over time. You will make more money than just closing your doors.The Family Take Over Plan Keeping the business in the family can be satisfying and challenging. You get to groom your successor and continue to have input, if you desire, which is not always a good choice. Challenges begin when emotions and issues that arise when there are several siblings involved, for instance. The dissension could destroy the business.The Open Market Sales Plan Selling your business on the open market can leave you with a good amount. It is important to keep your business performing at a high level with continued growth so it will be attractive to many buyers. Competing buyers drive the price up.The Acquisition Plan Keeping your business operating at the optimum level will make it a desirable acquisition. Find your target company and focus on fulfilling their need. A target company may want to grow or to expand into a new market faster by acquiring another company. The target may also want to gain a new client type or offer a new product or service that compliments their current products or services.The IPO Plan The small business owner can make much money with this plan too. The IPO plan takes the most planning and work to accomplish.Estimate the value of your business yearly and stay focused on your goal. Keep watch on the market and what is going on in your industry so your business is in the best possible position when you decide to sell or pass your business to family.

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The world has gotten to a stage, where an individual without basic university education, can no longer be relevant in today’s economy, this basic fact holds the reason why university/college education is very important and very expensive, however there is every need to try as much as possible to achieve it, in other for one to be relevant in today’s society.Africa, being one of the developing continents of the world, has a lot of challenges for the African students, they go through more tedious educational process, and also suffer the financial constraint of meeting up with university/college education cost, coupled with the high cost of living in these countries, a gifted student may have no choice than to relinquish his/her dream of becoming a university graduate owing to financial constraints.If you are a gifted student from Africa or any other developing country of the world, this article has come to open up the various scholarship opportunities and financial aids, available for you to achieve that university degree, without paying a dime, YES- without paying any tuition fees or any other related fees, for your university education, courtesy of support from Government of developed nations and other private organizationsWe will agree here that, when Tuition is free, then the other little expenses related with achieving a university degree, is infinitesimal, as the major cost of schooling is centered around Tuition cost, this is why the Government of countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Denmark and Greece, have come out to support Students from Developing countries, by making their universities completely Tuition free for international students. Isn’t that really nice?The universities in these countries don’t charge a student for tuition, so therefore students from developing countries having poor financial back ground can therefore apply into these schools in other to achieve their dream of becoming university graduates, and thereby serve as a formidable man power and development brain for the poor African continent.Many students from Africa have benefited from this project and more are bound to benefit as the government of these countries have emphasized core importance of education in the development of a nation.The application process is very easy, like any other university application, all a student needs to do, is to browse directories of tuition free schools in these countries, and having an extensive and comprehensive directory, the student can apply to various schools in these countries in a very short time. It is also very important for the student to put up an early application and also back it up with required school documents as demanded by the given institution.Normally the University will send a cover sheet by email to the applicant, this contains all document required by the student in order to process his/her application. After receiving the cover sheet, the applicant will be required to print it out, and attach it to required document for submission via post to the given institution.A successful student will receive from the institution a letter of admission within 2-3 months, if everything about the application is in order, therefore the predominant problem of financial constraint for students from developing countries is a thing of the past, if the student is determined and willing to take action of this great opportunity.

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The earliest relics of the first universities that the world ever saw have been found in different parts of the Indian subcontinent and in Persia. In fact the term ‘university’ is usually used to denote the centers of higher education in these areas where these institutes of higher education are believed to have existed since several centuries before the birth of Christ. The term university designates a ‘community of scholars and teachers’ and this meaning stems form the Latin universitus magistrorum et scholarium. The universities are engaged in providing undergraduate or bachelors and postgraduate or masters educational programs. Post the attaining of post graduate degrees, the suitable candidates who qualify fir undertaking a research or doctoral level study are also ably supported in their endeavor. The various universities possess different faculties like those of arts, science, engineering, medical studies etc. and are responsible for looking after the development of scholastic skills amidst the students. Unlike school life which concentrates more on discipline and conduct, the life in a university is much more relaxed and full of freedom as university students are adults and therefore have ether own free will, thought and expression.There are various ancient universities which have been set up in times of antiquity and most of these relics display exquisite architectural skills. The oldest degree granting university in the world is located in morocco and is known as University of Al Karaouine which was set up in 854. the Egyptian university known as Al Azhar is considered to be the first ever complete university. In the different parts of the European continent, are present some of the ancient universities of the world which include University of Preslav, University of Magnaura and University of Oxford and University of Paris which were both set up around the 11 th century and are functioning even today emerging as one of the foremost universities of the world famous for their extensive educational programs. In Asia, the earliest specimens of university education is to be noticed in Persia and India and these early centers of education were extremely well known for the enriched quality of educational knowledge that was imparted to its students. In china, the Hanlin Academy established sometime between the 7 th to the10th century is also equally famous. By the 19th century the various universities worldwide published their own journals. And unlike earlier, when science was given more importance than the pother subjects of study, nowadays the other disciplines are also respected with equal enthusiasm in universities.

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Here are some tips for a solid home business that works. However to many the notion seems almost too good to be true. The fact remains, you can make a home business enterprise practical and efficient if you educate yourself in good business practices. You can get off to a great start on the road to owning a home based business by reviewing the advice in this article.9 Great Home Business Tips…Dedicate spaces or pages for banner sharing. This will give you the ability to trade your banner links with the businesses in which you stay in contact. Having credible links on your site will improve your search engine rankings.Being the sole proprietor of a work from home business includes being the sole financial officer of your business. Giving others access to your business finances means that you will also be responsible if they make foolish choices.Upon opening your online business, you should begin to keep close track of any transit time related to official business. Business-related transportation costs are often tax deductible. If your business requires a lot of road time, you can save a significant amount on your taxes with driving-related deductions.Your website should include a form inviting visitors to join your email list. This link should be placed on every page of your site, so that visitors have multiple chances to add their contact information.Make sure that you make timely deposits in your bank account, shortly after you are paid. Make deposits every day, instead of every week. Do not leave any checks lying around; instead, make sure you deposit them. To be on the safe site, deposit checks with a human teller as opposed to using an ATM machine, just to be sure that your money gets safely deposited into your account.If you need to “wine and dine” your clients, make sure that you deduct the cost of these meetings during tax time. In these cases, these meetings are actual business expenses. When doing this however, make sure to only do so with business associates or customers, because taking your kids to lunch and claiming a business deduction is not smiled upon by the IRS.When generating product ideas for your home based business, start by considering products that would fill your personal needs. People are interested in purchasing items that successfully resolve an issue that they face on a daily basis. Come up with a product that solves a problem, and your business is likely to succeed.Designate a space in your home to serve as a dedicated work area. You need to have enough room to keep everything organized. A little organization goes a long way in most home business environments, and this is the most effective option.Enjoy a nice business trip. Unlike vacations, these trips are tax deductible in part. If you desire to have a vacation, look for a place that offer seminars or conferences in the type of business that you are in. This allows you to deduct the trip as a business expense.A lot of people would love to work from home and run their own business. Sadly, many of these home business enthusiasts will never learn how to follow their dreams. The advice given here hopefully has given you a few ideas to help point you in the direction towards success in your business.

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Online education was a relatively unknown concept till even a few years back. With the advent of computer and especially the Internet technology, the general level of interaction has increased among people. More and more people have engaged a significant part of their time in dealing with the virtual world. In fact, higher education was also bound to be affected during such a transitional phase.Recent researches and surveys undertaken on the college going student population indicate a growing surge in the number of online learners with each passing day. The initial studies are made in California, which being a growing state exhibits a maximum increase in the college participation index. The California University of Technology is one of the few online educational institutes that offer excellent online graduate and undergraduate degree programs to students from all over the world.With the increasing pace of daily life time had become one of the most crucial and valuable assets. A fairly large number of people are getting interested in online degree programs in order to avoid the time consuming registration hassles for getting admitted to a regular on site course facility offered by the universities and colleges throughout the state. The picture is not only true for California but is also applicable to a number of other states throughout United States of America.The second most important factor that makes online system of instruction so important in California itself is the gradually growing trend of work study culture. In order to keep pace with the increasing expenses for daily sustenance a number of professionals are seeking online education portals as the only solution for getting academic training for upgrading their careers. Such fulltime working candidates are a considerable part of the total student population in California and they are satiated by these effective online programs.California University Online Degrees reinforce students with the necessary knowledge resource, helping them not only to foresee but also to fulfill their career aspirations. Actually, these online degree programs that are offered by the California University of Technology are well customized as per the regular course standards, providing the students with the desired academic and research exposure, necessary for their future achievements.The California University online degree programs offer simulated online class sessions that the students can attend by just sitting in front of their computer terminals in the privacy of their own homes. The classes are well organized and have open ended discussion sessions through interactive chats between the students and the instructors. An online class session at the California University of Technology is overall a thoroughly enriching experience for the students as it has all the attributes of a real time on site class taken at any conventional graduate or undergraduate program offered by an accredited university or college.The main degree programs offered at the California University of Technology include online Bachelor of Business Administration, the online Master of Business Administration and the online Doctorate of Business Administration. Apart from these, there is also an online dual degree program that caters to the needs of prospective candidates with a joint MBA – DBA degree.The credit hours are such organized that they perfectly provide the students with a thorough retrospect of the past and present works in their field of interest. The class sessions are backed by group discussions, projects, seminars and workshops with the help of modern online educational software, iPODs, PDAs, etc. The courses are synchronized keeping in minds the regular University level course standards and are regularly monitored by Graduate Advisors through student- faculty interactive chat sessions.The California University of Technology therefore provides the students and researchers with an excellent interactive platform for getting an in depth training in both academic and professional aspects for future prospects in those fields.

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As we know that Reebok is a respected brand in sports. Reebok is mainly a sports footwear manufacturer which operates as a subsidiary to German sportswear giant Adidas. Reebok also entered into sports add-ons and gears section, when their brand name and operation got respected worldwide. Now, with the launch of physical fitness product as Reebok Exercise Bike, they have made it to fitness equipment segment as well. The business was started by J.W. Fosters with a good name to manufacture excellent quality footwear, and Reebok received an offer to manufacture running shoes for athletes who were to represent Great Britain in 1924 Olympics.Reebok started many marketing and advertising campaigns like “I am what I am”, “Planet Reebok”, “Run Easy”, “Whodunit?”, “Your Move” are some of the many to call. Since the advent of “Stay Fit” concept recently, business released its unique Reebok Exercise Bike. Reebok Exercise Bike are made keeping in mind the thought to meet the needs of family ladies or for those that spare almost no time for themselves. Reebok Exercise Bikes provide the eight levels of magnetic resistance controlled by manual dial. The structure of Reebok Exercise Bike makes it ease and comfort to use for exercise, thanks to large and heavy size of flywheel. Working on ideas to bring in different products and solutions that might help a professional sportsperson or people that wish to have small physical exercise makes Reebok special in the category. Reebok Exercise Bike is just the perfect case as a testimony to the business success story. Reebok’s people are its asset. A team of highly competent, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals led the global operations and strategic events all over the world. You, definitely, get Reebok’s whole range where it operates. Be it a tennis ball or a soccer shoe, be it a cap or a pair of socks, be it a tread mill or a Reebok Exercise Bike, just name and it is on the market.”Running to stay ahead” is Reebok’s slogan and goes perfect with its image. With unique nature of their products like sports shoe, sports gears, Exercise Bike along with other sports and fitness products, Reebok has outstanding group to perform research and surveys and ensures to bring in products based on needs from customers. They also ensure product release based on studies done on various group, religion, race and region. This is exactly what makes Reebok to get success with blistering pace and outpacing his formidable rivals. Reebok success also goes to producing top notch quality available at affordable price and distributing it through retail store chain. Reebok has been remarkable over the years.

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In India the concept of executive higher education is yet to catch. University education is making comeback, but this time with a difference. The students are top managers and executives. They will again revisit those left campuses again. Companies want their top manager to be update with current market trends and should not be left behind.The objective of these executive learning programs is to provide government and corporate executives with realistic, practical and leadership education. That is relevant to their personal and professional goals. Corporate worldwide believe that they can sharpen the mental horizon of their executives by sponsoring these programs.Executive education programs help companies create a smarter workforce with high rate of technology absorption. These programs provide managers with lot of scope for growth. India market which is poised to be one of worlds biggest should not miss this opportunity. However the concept of university education and company sponsored programs yet to catch up in India.While every corporation has its executive development program course, workshops and seminars, few also encourage their executive to take a break and go to B-school. Says Mathew, HR manager, The oberoi,” Most of companies are not in position to send their executive and middle level managers to B-schools. There is a fear that they will return back to same organization or not.Therefore in India companies look for shorter and more intense programs as compared to lengthy MBA or diploma. Companies also have the option of addressing only specific issues related to the business. Therefore the shorter and specific courses form some institutes is becoming more popular. However the instances of companies sponsoring the employ for long term course are very rare.The choice of education platform depends upon the development needs and gaps in system. Companies require identifying these differences and selecting the right medium. However university education provides the employ with broader spectrum, which will be helpful in dealing with different situations. However it is cautioned that functional realities are some times different from but studied in campus. So the faculty should be more alive to these situations.Experts believe a need for collaboration of corporate and education institutes to develop these courses. It is done then soon we will see top CEO mingling with nervous students at institutes. The process of learning is a never -ending one.

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When it comes to motorcycles, there is no shortage of enthusiasts. So what was the most popular bike gear in 2007? Let us take a look, and maybe you were using some of these highly sought after and popular products.Motorcycle Gloves of the YearRoadgear Adaptive-TecSometimes you have to look at the track record of a company for its gear, and Roadgear came through in 2007. These all-year-round gloves give you needed protection, with warmth and comfort for colder temperatures.Best Motorcycle Jeans of the YearSHIFT (it into gear)Wear them on your ride, or just out and about. They don’t hug you in the wrong places, and they let you breathe wear you need while sitting down for a nice long ride, while looking great.Motorcycle Helmet of the YearGMAX GM68SThis helmet provides great quality and improved ventilation. Your vision range was superior than other helmets, and the price was very affordable.Male Motorcycle Clothing of the YearJoe Rocket Ballistic Jacket 7.0Everyone knows this motorcycle clothing maker provides quality and comfort for its riders. This jacket is no exception. With its light weight, all-waterproof and loaded features, you would think you could not afford it, but you’d be wrong.Motorcycle Winter Vest of the YearTourmasterWe all know it can get pretty cold out there on the road in the winter, and the Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest gives everyone a fully functional vest that doesn’t clear out your wallet.Female Motorcycle Clothing of the YearCortech LNX JacketThe ladies are building their presence on bikes each year, so you’d better believe their gear is stepping up a notch, too. This jacket is distinctive, adds a touch of class to its design, as well as protects you in all the right areas.Whatever type of gear you bought in 2007, always be careful on the road and be protected from the elements and drivers, so you can stay safe in 2008.Ideal Computer Systems is a family-owned business that offers a complete business management pos system with customized motorcycle software for the motorcycle/powersports dealer for the past 22 years. Hundreds of outdoor powersports dealers already use this powerful automated inventory control system to increase profits and take control of their business.